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Engaging students to own their faith
(Middle and High School)


Are you tired of seeing students’ spiritual fire fade away soon after a powerful ministry event? With Fifty1 Student Ministries, you get everything you need to have a powerful weekly youth ministry experience to keep their fire going. Fifty1 curriculum provides engaging lessons that connect the truth of God’s Word to your students’ lives.

Our goal is to give you the ministry tools you need to develop growing students who will multiply themselves.


Core Essentials

Help students develop spiritual habits, such as daily quiet time, Scripture memory and sharing the Gospel.

Christian Basics

Deepen students' faith with topics like accountability, your testimony, evangelism, and prayer.

Doctrinal Truth

Help your students get a handle on core doctrinal truths so they can live and defend their faith.


Strengthen your students' faith by showing them how to engage in intelligent conversations with those who do not hold to a biblical world view.

Bible Book Study

An exegetical study of specific passages of a singular book to learn the context, content and application.


Tackle current topics like divorce, bullying, and gender to find out what God has to say.

Full Circle

In partnership with Dare2Share Ministries, this series will motivate students to be more intentional about sharing their faith in their circles of influence.

Three Ministry Goals


Train your Christian students how to reach their friends through personal evangelism, so that every student, everywhere, can hear the Gospel from a friend.


Guide your students in developing the habit of listening to God through daily Bible reading, application and talking with God in prayer. We want every student, everywhere, growing in their walk with Christ.


Mobilize your students to multiply themselves by encouraging their friends in gospel conversations and spiritual growth.

Creative Discipleship

Creative Discipleship is designed to reward your students as they develop habits of spiritual discipline while strengthening their relationship with Christ. Incentives within the program are designed to encourage movement. Each time a student reaches a goal, you can encourage him or her with an incentive. Adapt the program to a student’s strengths while allowing them to work at their own pace.

There are even college scholarships available for completing the Word of Life Student Ministry Creative Discipleship Program


Other Program Elements

Quiet Time Daily Devotion

An age-appropriate daily devotional designed to help students build the habit of listening to God through daily Bible reading, application of Bible truths, and prayer

Small Groups

Caring adults serve as small group leaders to coach, guide and mentor students each week. In this segment of the weekly meeting, the group discusses the lesson and its application to life, shares prayer requests and progress in spiritual growth goals.

Connect with a Coach

Every partnering church has a youth ministry coach whose mission is to help you implement the Fifty1 Student Ministry tools most effectively. He will provide training, ongoing coaching and encouragement as he builds relationships with your youth ministry leadership team.

Youth Ministry App

The Multiply App equips you in three areas:

  • Lesson discussion guides for small group leaders
  • Easy-to-use planning tools
  • Spiritual growth tracking for student


The Culture Translator

A weekly e-newsletter, translating new developments in pop culture to help parents and faith leaders understand and disciple their teenagers.

Parent Guides

90+ resources to help parents understand the issues teens face.


Reboots allow families to tackle a subject together and come to an agreement while building amazing memories together!

Conversation Kits

These video conversation starters help you learn and discuss important issues with your teens. Conversation Kits bring generations together around a common gospel.

Expert Interview Summits

Video interviews with more than 250 experts in important areas of ministry to families, all packaged in a way that helps parents help their teens.

10-Day Teen Talks

These are 10 day deep dives into hard topics. ​Parents will grow in their knowledge of the climate of the world their teen lives in. Experience the content through interactive prompts to help you start conversation.


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An impromptu go out, pickup your friends, bring them back to youth group, have a ton of fun, share the gospel event hosted at your church.



Reverb is an insane all-night event with the goal to share the Gospel with unsaved teenagers.