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Building habits to ground their faith

forming essential spiritual habits

Envisioning the Christian life as a race, our Olympian program features the Olympic theme and urges children to “go for the gold” in their pursuit of godliness. We provide the resources, training and encouragement for leaders to guide children in forming essential spiritual habits. Parent resources are also built in to help parents take a step into true discipleship with their own children.



Lessons designed to teach basic Bible doctrine on a child’s level

The Bible

A series of lessons to teach key truths of the Bible while also drawing specific events and people into the overall arc of the Gospel to show that the Bible truly is one story


Lessons that examine the character of key Bible figures, as well as character traits that flow from the pages of Scripture into the daily lives of children


Lessons designed to encourage every child to develop a servant’s heart

The Gospel

Lessons designed to give a clear understanding of the Gospel and how to share it

Spiritual Habits

Lessons designed to help children develop essential spiritual growth habits


Lessons designed around the seasonal themes of Christmas and Easter


Keeping with the Olympic theme, children receive Bronze, Sliver and Gold level awards as they progress in their pursuit of spiritual growth goals.


other program elements

Quiet Time Daily Devotional

An age-appropriate daily devotional designed to help children build the habit of listening to God through daily Bible reading, application of Bible truths, and prayer

Scripture Memory

Carefully selected Scripture verses packaged to help students connect truths of the Bible to their daily lives


Ideas are suggested to help your children discover the joy of serving others.

Small Groups

This time is designed into the weekly meeting to allow caring adults to build relationships with children. In their group time they talk about the application of the lesson, share prayer requests, and are encouraged to continue making progress in their spiritual disciplines.

Ministry Coaches

Each church has a youth ministry coach available to assist in the most effective implementation of the Word of Life disciple-making tools and resources. They also look for opportunities to visit an Olympian meeting to offer encouragement and to build relationships with your leadership team. If you need help, your ministry coach is ready to serve you. Just give him a call.



We can help your church host this exciting racing-themed family outreach that features Matchbox or Hot Wheels cars on a sloped track. Combining the joys of racing and competition with a clear Gospel presentation, FASCAR is an awesome way to reach children with the Gospel.