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4 Conversations that Parents of Teenagers need to have about smartphones – David Eaton

Almost every student has one and most would agree that figuring out how to help them manage it is very difficult! David Eaton is the co-founder and CEO of Axis and he joins Brian on the podcast today to talk to youth leaders and parents about teens and smartphones.
4 conversations to consistently have:
  1. Help tie the smartphone into the bigger picture of God’s plan for the world
    • The smartphone is very good, but this world is also very cursed
    • talk about how is it good and how is it cursed
    • Jesus redeems
  2. Ask “what is it for?”
    • There are things it is good at and things that it is bad at
    • Is it for community and connection?
    • Does it hinder community and connection?
    • What do you need out of it?
    • What is its intended purpose?
  3. Drivers Ed
    1. Enable them to have independence and self-regulation
    2. Think about your child’s heart the whole time
    3. Teach them to love righteousness
    4. Be able to give them the keys when they get to high school
    5. Create a cellphone contract
    6. There is no such thing as phone privacy in your home
    7. What is each app for?
    8. Model accountability
    9. We are made for community
    10. Set a media curfew
  4. They can tell you anything
    • Let them know you love them, care for them, and that they can tell you anything
    • If your children don’t know they can trust you, they won’t open up to you
    • Are you raising a sin confessor or a sin concealer?
    • Deal with the heart, not just behavior


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