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Youth Ministry

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A Three-Part Strategy for New Believer Follow Up

Newborn babies, besides being incredibly cute, are also incredibly vulnerable and needy. They need to be cared for, including being fed and having their diaper changed multiple times every day. They cannot survive without loving and personal care. New believers are also incredibly vulnerable. They need to be fed the milk of God’s Word. They …

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ANXIETY: When Concern Becomes Obsessive

Part Three: Complicating Factors Where one runs to–or where one finds relief for anxiety–often reveals the allegiance of one’s heart. Anxiety doesn’t feel good, and it’s often felt physically through a racing heart, sweaty hands, or a pounding migraine. When our anxiety escalates, so does our impatience–because whenever we experience something uncomfortable, we want to …

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INTRODUCTION Between the COVID-19 pandemic and social upheavals in our society, the impact on mental health has been dramatic. According to the CDC, cases of anxiety and depression have increased considerably.[1] Americans are taking 34% more anxiety medication since the COVID-19 pandemic began.[2] The need for Christ’s comfort has been acutely apparent. As parents and …