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How Taking a Gap Year at WOLBI Can Benefit Your Students

How Taking a Gap Year at WOLBI Can Benefit Your Students

What is a gap year? How would one of my students or a teenager I know benefit from one? 

These are questions that the Admissions and Recruitment team at Word of Life Bible Institute are asked quite frequently.

Studies have shown:  

  • 23%  of students who took a gap year achieved higher grades in a regular college setting
  • 60%  took their academics more seriously
  • 60%  said a gap year helped them figure out future career decisions
  • 88%  said it added to their employability

A gap year is “a semester or a year of experiential learning in order to deepen one’s personal, practical, and professional awareness.” It’s a time for students to assess themselves and the calling God has on their lives. A gap year is often a transitional time where students are encouraged to make college or vocational decisions, while allowing time to discover what God wants them to do and what passions He has given them to expand the Kingdom of Christ.

According to a 2017 Barna study, 70 percent of professing Christian high school students will leave the faith during their college years. Youth leaders, youth pastors, and teachers all come alongside, plant seeds, and lay a foundation of faith for the students they have the privilege of interacting with. Word of Life Bible Institute exists to help build on that foundation. It is an accredited program offering intensive Bible study and ministry training designed to help students deepen their faith and discover God’s vision for their lives. While each student and situation is unique, the principles of maturity and growth taught at the Bible Institute are applicable and beneficial to all. Our professors and teachers want to build students’ faith so they pursue their next steps with a firm foundation and a heart for ministry and evangelism. The goal is not for students to just know about God and the Bible, but to have an intimate relationship with God.

This goal is achieved through the three pillars of the Bible Institute: study, life, and ministry.


The academic aspect of Word of Life Bible Institute is centered on developing a strong understanding of Scripture and theology, while equipping students to study with discernment and apply God’s Word on their own.


The student experience at Word of Life is unique. Spiritual growth is the main focus and is demonstrated in various aspects of student life — community, devotions, and discipleship. Every student not only has their own personal quiet time, but also participates in small group dorm devotions. Our staff is dedicated to building meaningful relationships through one-on-one discipleship.


Our goal is to prepare each student to live “on mission” wherever life takes them. Every student is part of a ministry team. From sports to music, drama, or evangelism, we help students identify how to use their interests and talents to glorify God and serve others. We believe life is ministry, and it is our prayer and heartbeat to see every life reached and changed for eternity.

Fast facts

  • There are two Word of Life Bible Institute campuses in the United States — one in the mountains of Schroon Lake, NY and another on the sunny beaches of Hudson, FL. (Interested in studying abroad? Check out one of our international campus options!) 
  • What happens after Word of Life? 

Roughly 32 credits easily transfer to other Christian colleges (and even some secular universities). We partner with many Christian colleges who offer WOLBI alumni scholarships if they choose to continue their Christian education.

There are also many internship opportunities within the ministry of Word of Life. After completing the Bible Institute program, students can return and work in their field of interest while finishing a degree online and gaining practical vocational experience.

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