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Having a Principle Centered Youth Ministry – Paul O’Bradovic

Choosing to build a ministry on biblical principles and having high expectations for his youth leaders were two key components that helped Paul O’Bradovic build a successful youth ministry. Paul is a missionary with Word of Life Local Church Ministries. Prior to that, he was a youth pastor in Ohio for 14 years where God used him greatly to impact the lives of hundreds of students. On this episode of the podcast, Brian talks to Paul about the early years of his ministry and what helped him be so successful.

Takeaways from this episode

Start with the Biblical principles, not the program.

Standards for leadership:

  • Less recruiting from the pulpit
  • Watch for where people are already serving – don’t steal those people from other departments/ ministries
  • Have a commitment for leaders to sign – ask them to be what they are asking students to be
  • Let them know what is expected of them
  • Offer training
  • Expect them to be at church and youth group
  • Accountability

Have expectations and be intentional in your youth ministry.


Word of Life Curriculum:


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