Six Ideas to Help Get the Gospel Into Your Public Schools.

Six Ideas to Help Get the Gospel into Your Public Schools

Public schools in America are the best places to reach students with the gospel. The combination of lost young people, campus missionaries, resources, and opportunities should inspire someone with a burden for students.

Most likely, there are hundreds of students that need to hear the gospel at public school campuses in your area. There are likely scores of student missionaries there, too. If you know about the opportunities and resources, you could use them to make a huge impact for Jesus on these campuses.

Keep in mind, however, that there are many opponents to the gospel in the public schools as well. For now, the door is open for local churches and other Christian groups to walk through in most areas. While the opportunity exists, local churches should take advantage of it. Here are some ideas that will help you:

1. Take advantage of the legal opportunities

Investigate these legitimate opportunities. Discover the ones that fit your group. Then pray about using one or more of them.

  • Released Time: It depends on the state and local school districts; however, this is an awesome opportunity to reach public school students. It may vary depending on where you are, but they are being used by many. Gospel-advancing churches should be using them, too. Visit for more information.
  • On-Campus School Clubs: Every public school has student-led clubs that meet regularly, including Christian clubs. Pastors, youth pastors and leaders can be invited to speak at these meetings on campus. It gives you access to the students from your church and unchurched students. Some youth leaders have had complete freedom to share the gospel at these clubs and have even given an invitation for the students to trust in Jesus. Many are reached with this tool. Here are some links that will be helpful for you if you are considering this option:

    Student Outreach Clubs:

    Students Standing Strong:

    Partner With Schools:

2. Get the public school to promote your youth group

Public schools are not officially required to hand out information for any churches or groups. Some schools don’t, but many do. It would be worth your time to find out. It could open the door that leads to evangelism. If you have special connections with teachers or other school staff, it could be helpful.

3. Serve Your Public Schools

Discover ways to be involved. There are various ways to volunteer. There are needs for assistant coaches, reading buddies, tutors and more. This opens doors for relationships with students, teachers, and parents.

4. Have a Campus Presence

Some youth pastors and leaders have lunch with their students. This is a way to meet their friends and open doors for evangelism. If you do this, be sure to be in clear communication with school officials first to make sure they are comfortable with your presence on campus.

5. Partner with Campus Outreach Groups

Determine the desires and capabilities of your youth group, leaders, and church. Investigate some para-church organizations that might be a good fit for you. Then you can partner with them to reach the students in your public schools. There is an organization called Fellowship of Christian Athletes that has great connections with schools, as well as experience in getting the gospel into the schools. Another good ministry is First Priority of America. There may be others in your local area that you can use as well.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes:

First Priority of America:

6. Inspire and prepare your students to be campus missionaries

It is important to encourage and train your students to reach others on their school campus. Tell inspiring stories of changed lives. If you don’t have any of your own, find some. There are vast resources available to you to use to inspire and instruct your students. Here are just two:

Dare 2 Share: Alliance:

Nearly 50 percent of the world’s population is under 25 years old. It is the largest generation of young people of all time. It is the most unreached generation in history, and yet it is the most reachable generation in history. They are everywhere! They are half of the world. Don’t let them leave their high school years without Christ!

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