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Student Short-Term Missions, with Justin Cousins

According to Barna Research Group, only 17% of Christians have a Biblical Worldview. If this is true, how does the Church carry out God’s call to make disciples of all nations? Almost all great revivals and missions movements have started with students.
This week on the podcast, Brian sits down with Justin Cousins. Justin is the Student Missions Mobilizer here at Word of Life and is passionate about helping students get on the mission field. Tune in as we tackle the “Why” and “How” of student missions.

Takeaways from this episode:

Why short term missions?

  • It helps us have a bigger perspective of what God is doing around the world
  • It helps students take what their pastors and parents are teaching them and apply those things overseas
  • It helps students step up and step out of their comfort zones
  • It reaches people with the Gospel

Life change

  • Students with the wrong motives leave with a heartbeat and a passion for Jesus Christ
  • Students who are scared to share the Gospel are able to boldly share their faith
  • God continues to use these students in their schools, youth groups, and homes
  • These short term trips have long term affects

Tips to effectively run a short term-trip

  • Relationships with missionaries on the field needs to be a priority – you make adjustments, not them
  • Have preparation materials months ahead of the trip
  • Require team building
  • Have evangelism training

Connect with Justin

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