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Sponsor an International Youth Ministry

Support a youth ministry in another country.

Making a difference in Youth all over the world


The ministry of Word of Life is truly a global effort, operating in more than 81 countries. In many of these locations, we serve local churches to provide youth ministry guidance where the church lacks the resources to even have an effective youth ministry. That is why we created Group2Group, a program that provides international churches with youth ministries resources paid for by a United States church.

For just $250 annually, a U.S. church can provide a full year of teaching curriculum and Quiet Time devotionals for an entire ministry. Our goal is that this would become more than just a financial partnership. We also will connect your youth group to the international church you sponsor so that there is regular contact and updates on everything that God is doing in both ministries.


Pay the $250 annual sponsorship.

Word of Life will match your church with an international church that has been identified by a missionary in that country.

Once we match a U.S. church with an international church, Word of Life will contact both churches to facilitate the connection and the partnership.

The International WOL Missionary will follow up with the sponsored International Bible Clubs on a regular basis.