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Equipping Youth Leaders: The Need for Apologetics in a Skeptical Culture
Youth Ministry
Timothy Howard Jr.

We live in very skeptical culture. Everything is questioned. Pontius Pilate’s words, “What is truth?” (John 18:38), seem to be our culture’s motto. It has become the norm today for people

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Eight Tips to Maintain Meaningful Connections During the Summer
Youth Ministry
Steve Gledhill

More than a few youth pastors and youth leaders face the challenge of keeping their students engaged and focused on their faith during the summer

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Addressing the Challenge: Gender Identity in Youth Ministry (Part 2)
Youth Ministry
Jon Lough

When Jesus traveled throughout cities and villages and saw the crowds, His heart stirred with compassion (Matt. 9:35-38). Why? Because He saw they were harassed

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Quiet Time Devotionals

The Word of Life Quiet Time devotional guides believers in developing the habit of listening to God through daily Bible reading and application, as well as talking to God in prayer. The Quiet Time follows a 3-year reading plan that uses every genre of Scripture, all the historical Bible books, and the entire New Testament. Our goal is to help believers read the Bible with a focus on application.

Youth Ministry App

Student Youth Ministry leaders need tools to help them stay on top of what is happening in their ministry. The Word of Life Multiply! App empowers today’s busy youth leader in three key areas.

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Youth Leader Training

We know that youth workers are often the busiest people. Getting out to every training event is often not an option. You can get started with a FREE course right now, at your pace and your schedule. Each course is set up to help you be a more effective leader.

Youth Ministry Coaching

Reading During Book Club

It is great to get great tools and resources online, but we all could use a guide to accelerate our progress. That is why we provide a ministry coach for your ministry. Our coaches assist church youth workers, youth pastors, and pastors in using our resources effectively. We listen to a church’s needs and then customize our resources to their ministry.

Reading During Book Club

Youth Ministry Internship (YMI)

This is a two-year internship for graduates of the Word of Life Bible Institute sophomore year program who are interested in serving in a Youth Ministry (student ministry, children’s ministry, or a combination of both) in a local church setting. Churches who are interested in having an intern may apply by clicking below.

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Gospel Advancing Youth Ministry Training

Learn how to develop a ministry where students know how to share their faith and are having Gospel conversations with their friends regularly.