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Helping to Focus Your Students on the Cause

I recently asked a group of middle school students what they thought of when they heard the word, “evangelism”. Their answers varied about where they pictured sharing the Gospel, but their answers were all similar in that they viewed evangelism as an event. For most students, as well as adults, the idea of witnessing is associated with preaching to a crowd or answering hostile questions from a group of strangers.

What if there was a Biblical approach that focused on sharing the Gospel as a lifestyle? What if there was a way to learn Gospel conversations that lead to life change from the model that Christ set?

Seeing people turn from darkness to light and from sin to the Savior is the greatest cause we can pursue. Developed by our friends at Dare 2 Share, the Cause Circle is an approach that will allow students and adults to build a natural pathway to relational evangelism. It is as simple as Prayer – Care – Share.

Prayer: The most fundamental, but neglected, discipline we have as Christians is prayer. However, it is a great starting point. Here is why we must start with prayer:

  • Prayer is something we can all do (with some discipline).
  • Prayer takes our eyes off ourselves and onto the needs of others.
  • Nothing of eternal value is done without prayer and the Holy Spirit’s power.

Greg Stier, of Dare 2 Share, has said, “We must talk to God about others before we talk to others about God.”

Care: Once we develop the habit of praying for the lost, the Lord will open doors for us to help those in our Cause Circle. For example, the more I pray and think of my neighbors, the more I see ways to help and to be kind. In what way can you be intentional and show you care? I am sure that ideas like: baking cookies, watching their pets, raking leaves, and many more entered your mind. A small investment of time and resources could lead to the final stage of the Cause Circle, sharing the Gospel.

Share: When people know you care about them, they will take notice and wonder why. There is a warning that comes with living a life of prayer and caring for others. According to I Peter 3:15, “… always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for the reason for the hope that is in you…”. If the individuals in your Cause Circle ask you, would you know how to lead them to Christ? We need to be prepared to give an answer for the hope that is in us. Dare 2 Share has an effective tool you can use on your phone or memorize. Check out the Life in 6 Words app and be confident you can point others to Christ.

What is stopping you from getting started on the Cause Circle journey today?

Action Steps:

  1. Start praying for the lost.
  2. Build a bridge of care to the Gospel.
  3. Be prepared to share the Life in 6 Words plan.

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