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Sharing the Gospel with Students- Brent Finchum

Sharing the Gospel with students is both an incredible opportunity and a great responsibility. In today’s episode of the Multiply! Podcast, Brian sits down with Brent Finchum to talk about the key necessities (and common mistakes) when sharing the Gospel. Brent currently serves as the Southeast Regional Coordinator with Word of Life Local Church Ministries. He and his wife, Stacy, have four children and live in Alabama.


Takeaways from this episode

Common mistakes made while sharing the Gospel:

  1. Not communicating clearly what the Gospel is ( we talk a lot about what the Gospel isn’t, and we fail to mention Jesus)
  2. Not having an invitation to make a decision (we are afraid of bad invitations)
  3. Often, the counseling session after salvation is an afterthought and counselors are not trained well
  4. There is no plan/ follow-up with students

Preparing and sharing a Gospel message:

  1. Remember that the Gospel is always the same message
  2. Make the beginning/ opening statement of your message easy for students to tune in to
  3. Always be clear and communicate the seriousness of sin
  4. Define what sin is
  5. Explain why Jesus is different from students
  6. Explain why Jesus came and what His purpose was on earth
  7. The cross is what makes the bad news good
  8. Talk about what Christ had done for us and what was done to Christ
  9. Jesus has already accomplished His mission
  10. It would not be the Gospel if you did not talk about the resurrection
  11. Don’t confuse salvation with sanctification
  12. ABC’s of salvation: Agree, Believe, Confess
  • The Gospel message is so powerful on its own that we do not need to do anything to make it anything more than it already is.
  • Get out and share the Gospel – do not be afraid to give an invitation.
  • Trust the Lord to work in student’s lives – you cannot save someone.

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