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Small Events with Gospel Purpose

In our current world, large events simply aren’t happening. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do small events with your youth group! I’m not talking about events just to entertain students; I am talking about events with a purpose. Now is the time to be thinking about what (regulation-compliant) events you can do with your students, right at your church.

Maybe putting on great events is not your thing. That’s okay! Word of Life has Youth Ministry Coaches that would love to help you organize an event at your church. How about an event that’s not too scary, and doesn’t require a whole lot of strategy or athletic prowess– one that just about any middle or high schooler can do? Archery Tag could be right for your church!

Archery Tag is a team sport with no contact and no skill required. You and your students will be equipped with bows and marshmallow-tipped arrows, sent into the “arena” and pitted against one another in a cross between paintball and tag! This event is fun, requires little setup, and provides a great opportunity to share a salvation message.

I have organized dozens of archery tag events all over Central Florida, and they are always fun! More importantly, we have used it as an evangelistic event to reach the lost. When we plan an archery tag event with a church youth group, we encourage students to let their friends know and invite them to come. Normally, we do about three hours of play– but in the middle of the event, we stop and share the gospel message. It’s a great way to get the Good News out!

Last year, we did an Archery Tag event in a well established, but new-to-us youth group. The pastor believed that most of his students knew the Lord, but he didn’t want to waste an opportunity to remind them of the Good News. After the gospel message was given, two middle schoolers indicated they had accepted Christ as Savior. It was awesome! I asked the youth pastor who they were– one was a visitor, and the other had just begun attending youth group a few weeks prior. You never know what is going to happen when the gospel goes out! Be intentional with all your events– visitors can and do show up, and they need to hear the gospel. Archery tag is a great draw to bring new people to your church!

Reach out to Word of Life Youth Ministries at to find out if there is a Coach in your area equipped with Archery Tag! We also have tons of other resources for your youth group, including equipment, coaching, lesson plans, and more. 

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